Phileo is one of the fastest growing solution providers for water treatment and security systems in the country. In the last decade, we have partnered with our customers to continually provide comprehensive and long-lasting solutions designed to help them reduce costs and prepare for the evolving demands of their industry.

What makes us stand out to clients? We take pride in providing holistic and personalized services that incorporate sustainable practices, partnerships and value, all driven by the singular aim of making our clients successful in their business operations.


  1. PHILEO is one of the solution providers in water treatment and security system.
  2. We partner with our customers to help them reduce costs and prepare for the evolving demands of their industry.
  3. We are providing customers with services that maximize system effectiveness through a unique combination of outstanding service, high quality products and superior technical expertise.
  4. Phileo water is one of the largest and fastest growing companies. We create lasting partnerships and sustainable value by aligning our entire organization around the common goal of making our customers more successful.


To become a globally-preferred and trusted solution provider brand


To provide the highest quality of products and services.
To render feasible, professional and sustainable solutions.


Phileo Water’s core service include a comprehensive set of chemical and equipment solutions that cover every stage of your industrial water operation needs, from planning and instalment; to the water processing systems, covering raw water intake, utility makeup, onto the safe and proper waste water disposal thereafter. We provide a chemical treatment program customized for your unique system requirements, helping our customers manage and optimize their water resources and process challenges across industries and municipalities. Our staff are well-trained and equipped with the skills and expertise that provide only the best quality, cost-effective treatment programs that PHILEO clients have come to enjoy.

Besides that, we regularly monitor the water quality in our customers’ systems and are continually ready to make recommendations for adjustments when needed.


Phileo Security offers great quality products and services for security systems, manufactured in-house to ensure that the quality promised is consistently achieved. All our products are carefully selected from credible manufacturers and suppliers to ensure ultimate satisfaction to our clients. We used our extensive 15 years of experience and knowledge to evaluate, test and verify each product, so our customers can have total confidence and peace of mind when they purchase our products.

After a time, we discovered that many of our end-users faced a common problem, which was difficulty finding the help and support they needed after their purchase.

Because of that need, we have placed great emphasis on after-sales service to our clients. Our customers can be constantly assured that they will be supported by our professional technical team of well-trained, customer-relationship officials who are able to handle the kinds of problems faced by the clients.